We at Dixit Hospital are committed to providing the best service in our departments through continual improvements of our systems, processes, technology and through the employment of dedicated and competent professionals of a progressive mind-set. We aim at achievement and maintenance of excellence in education, research and healthcare for the benefit of humanity.

Business Vision


In seeking to fulfill the Mission of providing expert facility and devoted staff, the hospital is committed to the following Philosophy in its operations. 

  • To ensure that practices within the Clinic are at all times conducted in an ethical manner
  • To ensure that it provides a comprehensive range of Assisted Reproduction and Gynecological Services and to deliver these in an efficient and caring manner. 
  • To provide such services utilising the best available expertise and to strengthen this through clinical research and development programmes. 
  • To continually review and improve the services provided by means of staff training and development and through the provision of modern technology. 
  • To ensure that the surrounding medical community of consultants and general practitioners are well informed of the Clinic's facilities and services. 
  • To become the most reliable healthcare facility in providing compassionate and individualised care.