When I was young, my Granny used to tell me a story of a monster who kidnapped the princess and made the whole kingdom sad. Today when I see a lot of people with infertility coming to HARSHAI IVF for help, I realise that Monster “Stress” has stolen Princess “peace”...

Does this stress affect our fertility???? Yes, it does! And not just fertility, but our entire body function.
When my co-Director Dr. Tushar Dixit told me that he will be dedicating a month to “Stress management” for all on our site, it gave me the opportunity to share my knowledge about stress affecting fertility!
There are tremendous changes in hormones when a person goes through stress and everybody’s response to it is different. But if I have to put this in simple terms, I would say, stress leads to secretion of high amount of Prolactin hormone, which affects the egg formation process in a woman and hence fertility.

Does this Prolactin hormone affect only women??? No, it affects Men equally and leads to a decrease in sperm count and of course causes infertility.
Stress leads to a very bad quality of Eggs and Sperm quantity and quality which leads to infertility and also miscarriages (multiple).

What to Do??

1. Yoga – it brings back the balance and helps reduce stress

2. Eat healthy– removes toxins from your body and hence gives you a healthier body and mind

3. Be Positive – it maintains the balance on hormones and gives a brighter perspective

4. Do Meditation – Helps relax mind and body and decreases stress levels.

You Know What??
I have found this technique as a magic wand in my fairy tale kingdom, i.e. Counselling!!
Patients who come to me for the treatment of infertility, among them about 30% need just stress relief and a little amount of patience and no treatment!
I have saved you some information on Miscarriages and Stress too. So don’t miss my next article!! (Smiles). See you soon...& until then. Happy Parenthood to all from HARSHAI IVF center!

-Asha Dixit
M.B, DGO, FICOG, ART Diploma (Germany), FMAS
Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist & IVF Interventionist